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AYURVEDA or the “Science of Life” is a school of medicine that has gained prominence and popularity in present times as a form of “alternate medicine” in India as well as abroad. The origin of Ayurveda dates back to ancient India several thousand years ago when Lord Brahma himself was believed to have passed down this knowledge through the Rishis and Munis for the benefit of mankind. From its divine ancient origins and oral tradition of sharing this science, Ayurveda has come a long way, formally taught in colleges in India and foreign countries alike and with practitioners in different parts of the world.

What makes Ayurveda different from conventional modern medicine/allopathy?

Ayurveda is based on the principal that an individuals system is a balance of mainly three energies or Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These energies are based on the five elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether. When these energies are imbalanced – disease occurs. All aspects of the individual mental, emotional physical and spiritual are taken into account in order for the treatment to work hence Ayurveda works holistically. Correspondingly, the treatment given is also manifold. Starting with modifications in diet and nutrition, some daily routine practices would be advised such as therapeutic cleansing processes to detoxify the system along with massages and meditation and Yoga to benefit body mind and spirit together.

Today, the knowledge of plants and herbs from ancient Ayurveda has successfully translated into the manufacture of herbal supplements and medication and brought to the world by various manufacturing companies after extensive research and study. Many chronic and severe conditions alike may be benefitted via these supplements. It is an excellent support system along with other treatments. The problem is tackledfrom the root rather than just suppressing its outward manifestation, as done inallopathy. While allopathy has its own place, Ayurveda is emerging as a powerful alternate for holistic healing.

Benefits of Ayurveda products, treatments and therapies, massages

Although there are unlimited benefits for the mind body and soul, some are mentioned below:

• The aging process is curtailed with the use of these natural remedies and eliminates anxiety, stress or even chronic fatigue.

• It attacks the root cause and not just inhibits the illness

• It works well with dietary requirement of any country as long as a practitioner is there to guide

• It does not interfere with the natural intelligence of the human body

• It complements all other treatments known to medicine

• It is now available on through our portal

• Its ancient tradition is still applicable to modern lifestyle issues

Medicinal Herbs

All remedies of Ayurveda find their roots in herbs and plants. There are no chemicals involved in their preparation. There are virtually no side effects even after prolonged use. Only a few formulations are considered unsafe. Herbs like Dalchini, Dhaniya, Aloe, Bael, Bhojpatra, Elachi, Tulsi, haldi, gugulare also used in the kitchen as spices. The barks, roots, leaves, oil and extracts are used in making the medicines.

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