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Garcinia Combogia For Weight Loss

The fat is basically a disease for many and is almost as killing as any other big and dangerous disease if it is not taken care of at an earlier stage. Along with the fat comes the various other diseases that can be more than killing.

Have you tried Herbal Medicine for Piles?

The one of the most unwanted diseases that a person can actually suffer from is the very problem of the piles. This is definitely one of the very worst that they did never want in their life no matter what.

5 Amazing Methods to inculcate Ayurveda into your Everyday Life

Ayurveda can be any day termed as one of the safest way of getting through with the very diseases successfully. The use of Ayurveda though doesn’t restrict to the very medicines only. Rather there are various other things about the Ay...


Sleep Easy with Herbal Sleep Remedies

The work culture nowadays really makes the people work the hardest. After that the entire time of the humans actually passes away in socialising, watching their favourite entertainments, working some more and what not?

Get Rid of Stress and Tension with Herbal Supplement

The life nowadays is nothing less than complicated. People can be very much assured of the fact that the stress is definitely something that has become a great part of life knowingly or unknowingly. The stress is definitely assuring of ...


Amazing Uses and benefits of Tulsi Powder

Tulsi is known as the queen of the herbs. Tulsi is a religious natural herb and is worshipped in India in the both morning and evening. Tulsi is best known for healthy body and soul. Tulsi powder helps to boost the immunity system. It i...


Ayurvedic Treatment for Fertility

Infertility is a dreaded condition which can spoil a person's life. As per a recent statistical research of marriages breaking up, the sole reason that a personal relationship or marriage failed was due to infertility. A healthy male...


Benefits of Guduchi

Who does not dream to gain Immortality? We all have heard the name Amrit, which was actually a substance, which if consumed, can grant somebody Immortality. Guduchi or Tinospora Cordifolia as the scientific name goes is the modern day i...

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Ayurleaf herbals , Powered By Biobaxy Technologies An IS0-9001-2008 company, All our products has ISO-GMP manufactured certifications with registered head office In Mumbai (India).

It is believed that when the elements (doshas) of human beings are well aligned the body, mind and soul are in harmony and equilibrium. Like every other thing in space even human beings are made up of earth, air, fire, ether and water. It is a part of their genetic code or nature (Prakriti). For centuries these elements have been aligned with the help of ayurveda knowledge, which existed in Ancient India. To keeping vata, pitta, and kapha balanced medicines and formulations have been made. Once upon a time, in ancient india. These formulations were used by two schools of thought belonging to physicians (atreya) and surgeons (Dhanvantri). Today both are being tried by humanity in the form of complementary therapy worldwide.

Introducing ayurveda in its purest form is Ayurleaf an online ayurvedic herbal supplements store, that seeks To connect the ancient holistic therapies and medicines with contemporary lifestyle problems. India's famed schools of ayurvedic herbal medicine started by atreya, dhanvantri and their followers susruta and charaka find their relevance in modern life when all else medical aid fails. The formulations identified by these ancient indian sages now find relevance in our lives.

• A professional team of doctors and dedicated pharmacists dealing in alternate medicinal pproducts manages ayurleaf.
• With proven track records, this exclusive website functions as a retail boutique for consumers and patients.
• The portal serves as a digital platform for global traders interested in buying ayurveda based wellness remedies, extracts, herbs and spa and salon products.
• It is a knowledge center for the latest news and happenings in the field of Ayurveda worldwide.

Thathasthu…blessings from Mother Nature

Ayurleaf herbals connect the ancient therapies of Ayurveda to the contemporary world. It brings with it a collective experience of several Ayurveda professionals and packages beneficial for ailments, lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions.

Ayurleaf Herbals is fast emerging as a portal for potent general ayurvedic herbal medicine and ayurvedic herbal supplements a platform for bulk buyers and traders.

From the foothills of the Himalayas where medicinal plants and shrubs have grown for over 5000 years come the ancient formulations to keep the mind body and soul together. The concept originates from the annals of the sacred susrutasamhita where Swasth, doshas, dhatus and malas need to be balanced to have a healthy body. Ayurveda treatments use natural herbs sourced from the rich environment of the Himalayas. There are virtual no side effects when the medicines and different treatments are used for long term.

We bring to you an extensive range of high quality ayurvedic health products and natural remedies. Manufactured in GMP certified facilities, our herbs and ayurvedic herbal medicine are sourced from handpicked farmlands that adhere to organic farming methods. As a result, every batch of alternative supplements that leaves our factory provides optimum results and is extremely effective and standardized. Quality is a habit for us. It is not an added advantage that we offer. It is how we do business.

*Ayurleaf Herbals is a legitimate website that has the valid licenses to operate online retail – Bulk sales* - all dispute claims are subject Mumbai (India) jurisdictions. General disclaimer for products being sold on Ayurleaf herbals:These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration the products are not intended to diagnose, treat for cure any disease always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise, food or herbal therapy regimen. Store in a cool, dry place. Contains no preservatives or artificial flavor have been used. Keep all medicine out of the reach of children.