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Ayurleaf herbal (Powered by BIO-BAXY Technologies) is a company that manufactures premium herbal & food supplements products in India that are synonymous with quality. With a passion for natural remedies and healthy living, we are one of the very few companies that have an astute understanding of the science of Ayurveda. And we apply our understanding with cut throat technological advancements to produce an elite product line that is efficacious, safe, validated and reliable. Since our onset in the year 2002, we have witnessed that the herbal products industry in India, lacks a quality manufacturer that has the expertise and the infrastructure to procure the finest herbs, conduct research and development in house, store and manufacture herbal medicines without compromising on quality standards. It was then that we decided to enter this extremely challenging field and cater to the rising demand for quality herbal products on a global scale.

Tracing our roots Ayurleaf herbals is powered by Biobaxy Technologies India, which is a leading pharmaceutical company with a global presence. For the last 15 years, Biobaxy has been the chosen supplier for generic pharmaceutical medicines, neutraceuticals and herbal formulations in the overseas market. The company has an impressive clientele in several countries around the world including Mauritius, USA, UK, the Middle East and parts of CSI countries.

The Ayurleaf team The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison ~ James Cash Penney We have always been choosy/careful about the people whom we associate ourselves with. Be it doctors, researchers or junior level staff, only the best make it to the Ayurleaf team. Our panel consists of highly skilled and motivated professionals that include pharmacists, doctors, Ayurveda health specialists and scientists who constantly strive to push the limits and produce products that can safely provide long term solutions to our customers. We do not outsource. Everything from the sourcing of quailty potent herbs to the research and development to chromatographic fingerprinting is carried out inhouse to ensure that our stringent quality control measures are implemented at every level of production.

The power lies in the herb What is it that defines the quality of an herbal medicine? Is it the fancy packaging? Or is it the color of the capsule that one swallows? No, the power and potency of any herbal formulation lies in the quality of the herb and the manufacturing process that prevents its nutrients from being lost during production and retains its effectiveness during storage and dispatch. Ayurleaf has a multi tier quality control system that verifies and analyzes the quality of our herbal products at every level ensuring that the end product is as potent as the source herb. We follow pharmaceutical-grade WHO - GMP procedures to manufacture our products.

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