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Comman Name : Spanish Pellitory
Latin Name : Anacyclus pyrethrum DC (Asteraceae), A. officinarum Hayne
Sanskrit/Indian Name : Akarakarabha, Akarkara
General information :
Spanish Pellitory is a perennial herb that looks and grows very much like chamomile. It is mainly found in North Africa and the Himalayas in India.
It is recommended in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as a powerful pain relieving agent.

Active Ingredients :
The root of the plant contains essential oils and bioactive ingredients like anacycline, isobutylamide, inulin which provide the stimulant and rubefacient properties to the herb.

Used for :
  • Pain Relief: Spanish Pellitory extracts have powerful analgesic properties that are very effective in pain relief. It has been used for reducing toothache and other forms of pain.
  • Male Sexual Health: It is also administered for male sexual disorders.

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