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Amazing Uses and benefits of Tulsi Powder

Posted on: 08-03-2018        Article Readers : 176

Tulsi is known as the queen of the herbs. Tulsi is a religious natural herb and is worshipped in India in the both morning and evening. Tulsi is best known for healthy body and soul. Tulsi powder helps to boost the immunity system. It is helpful in fighting against various infections and diseases. It helps to reduce the harmful effect of the environmental changes. It works as a support to the respiratory disorders. We are sharing valuable information and knowledge about tulsi powder which is given below. 

Tulsi is one of the most important herbs that are popular in Indian ayurveda. Its meaning is “Incomparable One”. Tulsi is also known as a holy basil plant and commonly found in the courtyard of the houses. People worship it. Tulsi powder is easy to make powder. Take the leaves of tulsi. Dry them off. Tulsi leaves get dried in one day.  Grind them in mixer. Grind them in a normal grinder. Your Tulsi powder is ready to use. Tulsi powder has various health benefits. It is easy digestive tonic to nervous and respiratory system. It is helpful in fighting air infections borne by air, bacteria, cold due to weather changes, minor cough. Decoction of Tulsi leaves is given as tonic in hepatic and gastric disorders. It is very helpful in providing solacing effect in nasal congestion, abdominal distention and sinus congestion. Tulsi has spiritual power and enhance the health and happiness. It gives support to healthy urinary system.

Tulsi works as an effective balm for mind, body and soul and has various health benefits. Tulsi powder is helpful in reducing the headache problem. Make a paste out of Tulsi powder and apply it on the forehead and it will give relief to the headache problem. Decoction of the Tulsi powder with ginger and honey is helpful in cold and throat diseases. Use mixture of Tulsi powder and mustered oil and you can use it for your dental problems. You can also do gargles with water of Tulsi powder and it will help you in throat pain. Decoction of Tulsi powder mixed with milk and sugar. Take it in the morning empty stomach and it will cool down your body temprature. If Paste of Tulsi powder is applied on the abdomen of the pregnant lady who is suffering from itching at the stomach, then it will give you relief from that itching. Make a paste out of Tulsi powder and apply it on the skin. After that wash your face and you will not only feel relaxed from skin diseases but also get the fairer skin. Tulsi powder is considered a tonic to retain youth and avoid skin aging. Regular use of Tulsi powder helps you to balance the nerves, mind and emotions. Tulsi powder is an excellent mouth freshener and removes the smelly breath.

There are numerous health benefits and some of them are given here. Tulsi powder helps to reduce the fever and common cold. It also beneficial in cough and respiratory disorders, kidney stones, heart diseases, children ailment, Teeth disorders, headache, eye disorders, stomach problems, diabetes, pain relief, anti cancer, stress problems, lung disorder and skin problems.

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