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Ayurvedic Products

Consumer behavior has undergone a paradigm shift of sorts in the last couple of decades. While it was considered to be obsolete a few decades back, natural remedies and alternative therapies have made a strong comeback. And this change is reflected in the choice people make in everyday products as well. People prefer household products and food items with cleaner labels that offer an additional health benefit. This trend has triggered a renewed interest in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing that relies on herbs and herbal remedies. Skeptics continue to discard it as another alternative therapy. But what separates Ayurveda from other forms of herbal treatments is that, therapy is customized according to the physical and mental composition of the patient.

Understanding Ayurvedic Medicine

It is important for one to understand what Ayurvedic medicine is all about. Ayurveda categorizes the deficiencies in the human body according to Doshas (Energy) There are three primary types of doshas: Vata Dosha: Problems related to bodily functions associated with motion. For example, breathing, circulation, breathing, heart beats etc. Pitta Dosha: This deals with the energy that controls and regulates the metabolic systems like digestion, absorption, nutrition and temperature. Kapha Dosha: This deals with the skin, supply of water to various bodily systems and strengthens the immune system. Every body has all three doshas but in most people, one or two of these dominate. Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed according to individual body composition and the doshas that dominate in each person. 

Ayurvedic medicine online

The internet is one of the best places where one can find Ayurvedic medicines in USA. But one needs to be equally skeptical while choosing which Ayurvedic medications to buy. Because due to the popularity of Ayurvedic drugs, several companies have mushroomed in the last few decades with their own backyard farms. The quality of these Ayurvedic medicines are unknown and their results untested.

Buy Ayurvedic Products from Ayurleaf

What separates a quality Ayurvedic medication manufacturer from a normal one is the technology that is used to extract the active ingredients from raw herbs. For example, to be able to manufacture a capsule that contains 500mg of Active Ashwagandha extracts, it takes a fair amount of technological expertise which most companies lack. Ayurleaf has been supplying quality pharmaceutical medications to countries all over the world for the past 5 years under our brand name Biobaxy. This gives us an unparallelled understanding about extraction technology and standardizing herbal extracts. Our investment in the best analytical minds is what allows us to come up with innovative and effacicous formulae. If you are looking for Ayurvedic products in USA, then Ayurleaf is your number one choice for safe and reliable medications.

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