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Ayurvedic Supplements are generating a buzz in online circles thanks to the support rendered by numerous clinical studies that have proven their effectiveness. For a medicinal system that is 5000 years old, it speaks volumes about the safety and efficiency of the formulations which have been used since centuries in India. Now, these supplements are sold extensively around the world and the US & UK are amongst the biggest markets for herbal products. But before you take out your credit card and go supplement shopping, there are a few things that you must know. Not all herbal supplements being sold online are Ayurvedic supplements. There is a difference in the two.

Understanding Ayurveda Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system that originated in India. It uses a unique holistic healing method that restores wellness to the entire body and allows the body to heal itself naturally while alleviating symptoms. It is a specialized form of treatment that looks at the bigger picture. Therapy may take longer than conventional synthetics but people have achieved better results in a safer manner. Any supplement that is manufactured as an Ayurvedic preparation needs to cite its source and research. It has to be derived from Ayurvedic scriptures which are a data rich source of information about herbs. Merely extracting a solution from a herb does not make it an authentic Ayurvedic supplement.

Metal Poisoning A lot of herbal supplements being manufactured in countries like China, Vietnam and USA contain inexplicably high levels of metals like Lead, Mercury and Arsenic which can cause severe damage to the body. While the damage may go undetected for a while, it certainly is something that cannot be ignored. So, it is extremely important to buy 100% pure Ayurvedic products that are manufactured using organic techniques that are benign in nature.

Ayurleaf’s pure Ayurvedic products We take pride in the fact that we take inspiration from the ancient healing science of Ayurveda. But unlike thousands of other companies, we do not consider this to be a business. We like to make life better for our customers via our high quality products that are manufactured using extremely stringent quality control measures. Our Ayurvedic supplements are ideal for improving the quality of your life as well as for alleviating the many agonizing symptoms that you may be suffering from. But all of our products are completely safe, tested and devoid of any impurities or residual matter. Purity is a habit for us. Not a matter of choice. It’s an Ayurleaf Herbals assurance.

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