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Ayurvedic Treatment for Acidity

Posted on: 18-12-2018        Article Readers : 319

Acidity is referred to as the imbalance of the acid secreting mechanism of the stomach and the proximal intestine and the mechanism related to the safety of those organs. Generally acid is secreted to help us digest our food. At times the secretion reaches too high, generally triggered by intake of spicy food, consumption of alcohol etc. and the body reacts to it adequately. When the secretion is too high one feels the symptoms like heart burn, dyspepsia, and certain types of ulcers. The gastric glands of the stomach are responsible for the secretion of acids n the stomach, which helps in breaking down the food in order to help us digest our food. Acidity is in a way a lifestyle disease as much of it is caused are due to spicy food intake, or stress, strain, nervousness, intake of alcohol etc. It was previously more common in the industrial and the developed nations, but now this disease is just as flourishing even in the developing nations.  The ayurvedic treatment for acidity generally involves the following herbs:
Triphala means three fruits with “Tri” meaning Three and “Fala” meaning fruits. The three fruits that make up Triphala are Haritaki, Amlaki and Bibhitaki. As per Ayurveda these thre, when combined together in correct proportion, form a great Rasayana.It creates Ojas, a substance that purifies the stomach, enhances digestion, rejuvenates the digestive juices and brings back the luster of the skin. It also cleanses the toxins from the tissue fluid, the blood, the muscle and also the fat tissues. Triphala also purifies the urine and safeguards the body against urinary tract disorders.
Himej or Haritaki is the fruit of the tree called Terminali Chebula .  Be it chewing, be it dusting, be it steaming or boiling or be it frying, Himej or Haritaki is just as good for the digestive system as one can get. It cleanses the stomach, regulates the bowel, decreases the toxins from the blood stream and is essentially important in treating indigestion.
Ginger  has been traditionally used to tackle gastrointestinal disorders.
Marich or Black pepper is extensively used as an appetizer, stimulant, and digestive herb.

The Ayurleaf Herbals Have a number of remedies for the Ayurvedic treatment for acidity, namely Bael, Diagexo, Isapgulu, Sunthi, Trikatu and Triphala. The Ayurvedic medecines  for acidity  are pretty safe to use because they are side effect free and  contain no harmful preservatives. The Ayurvedic medicines for acidity can be the safest and the most effective answer o this menace. A healthy tummy leads to a healthy mind frame. 

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