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Benefits of Amalaki

Posted on: 27-02-2015        Article Readers : 92

We all have tasted those bitter-sweet-sour combo fruits and enjoyed its incredible unique taste. Amla, in Sanskrit also known as Amalaki, which means “sour”, its other names like, “dhatri” means mother or nurse. Indeed, it's Nourishing! Amla or Amalaki as its coined in Sanskrit is a multi-way effective fruit which is a great anti-oxidant from one side and on the other side support healthy metabolism, digestion, and Nutrition. The Amalaki fruit grows on a moderate size deciduous tree which grows in tropical subcontinent India. All parts of the Amalaki tree is useful for medicinal purposes. Now, due to market needs, there is a bigger hybrid variety to the Amalaki, but the traditional smaller Amalaki is much more beneficial.

Amla is one of the main ingredients for Chawanprash, which is a great Indian energy booster, and relieves the body of Cold and Cough. Amla boasts of a number of benefits, which includes, supports healthy metabolism, digestion and hence excretion. It promotes anti-inflammatory that nourish the tissues and organs. It provides an all-round nourishment, from heart to respiratory system and also it is a great anti-oxidant. Amla is also known to promote energy, and rejuvenate the liver. It also helps balance blood sugar and also supports a Healthy Reproductive system. Amla is also the protector for the heart because it regulates the Cholesterol levels, and it promotes integrity and cleanliness of the arterial walls. It also cleanses and regulates the Blood flow of the body.

So, let's see what are the medicinal benefits of Amla in and how it can qualify as an important herb in our daily life.

  • Detoxification and Elimination - Since Amla is very rich in Anti-Oxidant, it promotes detoxification or the deletion of toxic substances from the body. The Detoxification in the body relies on, balanced Circulation, Digestion and elimination and Amla promote three of them. While Amla protects and nourishes the Natural Defense Systems of the body, it helps the liver, spleen to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Digestion - The main use of Amla is for Digestion. As per Ayurvedic, Medicinal Sciences say, that the process of Digestion starts with the taste, and Amla supports 5 of the 6 tastes of the Human Digestive System. Amla also sharpens the sense of taste and improve appetite and kindles for better digestion. Moreover, Amla cleans and protects the liver, which helps the food to convert into useful nourishment.
  • Healthy Blood Sugar levels - Amla's ability to circulate the blood throughout the body, normally balanced, help promote the blood sugar levels. Amla is also a mild diuretic and helps in regulating urinary disorders.
To conclude, since, now we know that Digestion depends on the Taste, so Ayurveda prescribes to take Amalaki directly, without any modifications. There has been significant scientific research on the effects of Amalaki, and the side-effects are negligible.


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