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Benefits of Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Posted on: 10-01-2016        Article Readers : 435

The Beauty of a woman lies in her Eyes and Hair. For centuries, Hair has been one of the things that women have used for enhancing their attractiveness. Moreover, poems have been dedicated just to explain the significance of Women’s hair in Romantic World. But, hair also like other body parts needs nourishment, for keeping up the attractiveness, and its appeal. The nourishment for hair can only be considered done, by applying oil and massaging. And, Natural oil has taken a huge role in nourishing Hair. No western alternatives are there for Natural Hair Oils. Even western countries, use Natural Hair oil consisting of primary hair nourishing Ayurvedic Ingredients like Sesame seeds, Gooseberry, Almond, Aloe-Vera, Curry and Neem leaf, Sandalwood etc. Apart from the nourishment of Hair, applying hair oil has several other roles, like theserenity of mind, relieve from Headache, stress relief and also helps patients with Insomnia. A good Head massage also keeps the Nervous System Healthy.

Now, we will discuss the main Ingredients of Natural Ayurvedic Hair Oil, and how it helps in Nourishing the hair,

  • Sesame Oil- Sesame Oil has been used in all Ayurvedic Oils, since the ancient ages. It is the ultimate choice for your hair. As per evidence, those using Sesame Oil, do not experience falling of hair, greyishness of hair and Dandruff. The Hair becomes Black and long, Healthy. Studies reveal that those using sesame oil, have a deeper rooted hair follicle. Sesame Oil is also used in babies, which inhibits deep relaxation and Headache.
  • Gooseberry- Gooseberry is also called by a more common name, ‘Amla’. As we all know, Indian Gooseberry is very good for Digestive System, Gooseberries are also great for Hair. Gooseberry prevents Greyishness of Hair and also strengthens the root of the Hair. It also helps grow more follicle, thereby making Hair dense.
  • Almond- Almond is a nut that is mostly found in Pashtun Valleys in Afghanistan. As it is tasty, so is its ability to treat Baldness. Almond reduces Hair fall, and hence restraints, the greyishness of Hair, thereby, is the main ingredient of all Ayurvedic Hair Products.
  • Aloe-Vera- Aloe Vera promotes Hair Growth, and it is very effective to restrain Hair fall at young ages. Aloe Vera also helps to get rid of the Dry Hir and enhances the blood Circulation Process.
  • Curry Leaf- Curry Leaf Treats Skin Diseases and hence is the main ingredient for treating wearing out of Scalp.
  • Neem Leaf- Neem Leaves Are Antiseptic, and helps provide strength to Hair.
  • Tulsi – It also Cures Skin diseases.
  • Sandalwood- Sandalwood is one of the very important, ingredient for Hair Oil. It treats Skin Eruption. Due to its huge, demand, there are a lot of rackets going on.
  • Hibiscus Flower- Hibiscus Flower, or the scientific name of Rose, the plant of love, prevent hair falling.
So, nourish your hair, and always remember “A Hair Massage a day, keeps the Dandruff away”, and these are some of the best Ayurvedic Ingredients that you can use in order to keep up your hair’s charisma.

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