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Benefits of Guduchi

Posted on: 29-03-2015        Article Readers : 364

Who does not dream to gain Immortality? We all have heard the name Amrit, which was actually a substance, which if consumed, can grant somebody Immortality. Guduchi or Tinospora Cordifolia as the scientific name goes is the modern day interpretation of Amrit. ThoughModern Sciences has still not found out its Immortalizing capabilities, but it is a wonder herb. Recent Studies has proved that Guduchi can support the role of adaptogen or the herb which increases the body's resistance to stress, anxiety and illness. The plant is native to India, and every part of the tree is used for medicinal purposes.


Recently, Guduchi has also been used in western countries, which shows the potentiality of the Herb in treating Allergies and symptoms of Hay fever and many other diseases. Guduchi can be used to treat Allergies, and can avoid Hay fever. It is also used in Arthritis and Inflammation; it stimulates the anti-inflammation cells to improve the inflammation in the body. It also treats chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis and Eczema. It also treats Gouts and rheumatic disorders. It also helps prevent jaundice and helps protect the liver from exposure to toxins. It prevents cold and flu and also lessens the effect of Chemotherapy in Cancer.


As we discussed Amrit or Guduchi is very valuable herb, and can be very effective in relieving stress and treating Allergies. Let's talk about some of the uses of this phenomenal herb.

Guduchi is now in the midst of amodern renaissance, where western medicine is recognizing its vast capabilities and uses in both preventive and treatable medicines. Truly, though, Guduchi is an Amrit of Ayurveda, as stated by ancient sages and Ayurvedic Doctors, which is deeply needed in the modern times.

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