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Benefits of Kapikacchu

Posted on: 02-07-2015        Article Readers : 283

Kapikacchu (Mucuna pruriens), also known as Cowhage, is a tropical legume which finds its use in more than 200 native herbal formulations. It thrives in parts of Africa and Asia, especially in India. On contact with its young shrubbery and seed pods, this plant causes extreme itchiness. In addition to being widely beneficial in the fields of Ayurvedic medicine, it also finds use in agriculture and horticulture. This herb grows in the form of climbers and bears white, lavender or purple flowers. It is covered in loose, orange hairs with shiny black or brown drift seeds.

The primary compound in Kapikacchu that imparts to it, its medicinal value is levodopa or L-Dopa which is a predecessor to dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. The various benefits that are related to this herb are given as below:

It provides a natural way to replenish the body with L-Dopa, thus promoting brain health and improved muscle control. It also helps in stress relief, as has been proved by a psychological stress study on 120 men.
Kapikacchu is an aphrodisiac. By improving the level of dopamine in the body, it enhances libido, potency, sperm count and testosterone levels in men. It inhibits lipid peroxidation, elevating spermatogenesis and improving the biochemical parameters in seminal plasma and thereby, improves sperm count. It also advances ovulation in women.
It helps in reducing nerve disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease. L-Dopa, in Kapikacchu seeds, acts as a neurotransmitter precursor which reduces dyskinesias (a movement disorder in Parkinson’s Disease) and thereby, inhibits afurther increase in Parkinson’s disease.
It increases blood circulation to the genitals and assists in toning and strengthening the sexual glands.
It reduces fat and cholesterol and enhances muscle tone by burning fat through increased anabolic metabolism and also increases stamina.
It helps in regulating blood sugar levels and so, is useful for a diabetic patient.
It improves mental alertness without stimulating the Central Nervous System.
Kapikacchu also serves as a bronchodilator and hence, helps in the treatment of bronchial asthma.
Kapikacchu also has its use as fodder, fallow and green manure crop. Since it is a legume, it helps in fertilizing the soil by fixing nitrogen. However, this herb is primarily used for medicinal purposes. It can be consumed as an alternative to coffee. The shoots and beans of this plant can also be eaten. It is commercially available in the form of health supplements and capsules. It can be mixed with a variety of food items, such as rice and tea that are consumed on a daily basis. However, proper medical supervision should be exercised before consumption. Since consumption of Kapikacchu practically has no side effects, it is a better alternative to the more conventional allopathic treatment.

Kapikacchu has a lot of therapeutic applications. Do you know some more? Are you interested in sharing your experience of this astounding herb? We would love to hear from you. Your feedback regarding the article is also greatly appreciated. So, do write to us!

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