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Benefits of Lasuna

Posted on: 25-01-2015        Article Readers : 329

Increasing of Blood Cholesterol and as a result, Cardio Problems has become very common nowadays. Modern Eating Habits include heavy consumption of high cholesterol items like egg, butter, fish and canned foods which are very harmful to the Cardio Health. This is because of our inactive lifestyle, and intake of high amounts of cholesterol which results in the increase of waxy substance on our blood known as Blood Cholesterol. So, is Cholesterol Good or Bad? The answer is both Yes and No. Because, Cholesterol is needed for the other body organs to function smoothly. Actually,cholesterol is a type of a Fat, which enables the organ to work smoothly. Cholesterol is bad because, anexcess amount of cholesterol mixes with blood, and there is a sluggish action in the motility of the blood which causes permanent blood pumping problem for the heart, leading to Cardio-Vascular Problems. When the level of Cholesterol increases in the blood, the excess cholesterol deposits in the organ and hence slackens the functioning of that organ, leading to multi-organ failure. It also, in turn, increases the probability of Heart Problems.

Most People turn to conventional allopathic medicine for dwindling the Blood Cholesterol in the body, therefore, bringing in adverse effects which are harmful to the body. And here comes, our great natural friend LASUNA or Garlic. Garlic is something with which we are quite acquainted with. In this Cholesterol cases, Lasuna has proved to be quite important and quite safe. As we are all familiar with, Lasuna is known as a flavoring herb and is mostly used for flavor in food, but large amounts of Lasuna can be taken through Capsules produced by some pharma companies.

The Benefits of Lasuna is something to be very delighted of. On one side, it can procure us from cardio problems, by decreasing the Blood Cholesterol, and on another side, it is also used to treat and avoid any stomach infections by increasing immunity.

  • Lasuna diminishes the effect of Bad Cholesterol levels or which is called as HDL in Medical Language, and at the same time, it enunciates the effects of LDL or good cholesterol in the body. This promotes normal balance in the Heart and helps in the functioning consistently.
  • People suffering from hypertension or High Blood Pressure can also use Lasuna for stabilizing blood pressure and this is again due to the regulation of cholesterol in the body.
  • Garlic or Lasuna is also great stress relievers, it calms down the nervous system and is made to function in an efficient manner.
  • It also acts as a proper antiseptic to open wounds, and it helps the wounds to heal early.
Lasuna or Garlic, as we knew adds great flavor to recipes, but it also acts as good antiseptics, mild diuretics and much more. So, as we can see, Herbs like Lasuna can make your day as the perfect meal and then can provide you with its medicinal supplement!

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