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Benefits of Purnarnava

Posted on: 31-05-2015        Article Readers : 448

Purnarnava, or Hogweed, literally means 'bring back to life' or 'renewer'. It is a creeper that grows in India and Brazil abundantly, in the wild. It bears small leaves and reddish fruits and flowers and grows primarily in winter and monsoon. As its name suggests, it rejuvenates the whole body and replenishes it with vigor and vitality. It’s roots and stems, both are utilized for medicinal purposes.

The uses of Purnarnava in the field of Ayurveda is plentiful. Some of its major uses are as follows:
  1. It helps in the process of purification and detoxification of blood and gastric juices.
  2. It provides relief to patients suffering from joint pain and oedema (collection of watery fluids in the tissues and cavities of the body).
  3. It provides an effective remedy for inflammations of body parts.
  4. It helps in the treatment of several stomach ailments, particularly, intestinal colic.
  5. It aids in thereduction of Asthma by eradicating the catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes.
  6. The root paste of Purnarnava helps in combatting several skin diseases.
  7. Nervous disorders and loss of muscle functioning in situations like paralysis can be prevented if Purnarnava is consumed during the early stages.
  8. Purnarnava helps in combatting obesity and the problems associated with it by promoting optimal weight management.
  9. It aids in the smooth flow of urine and thereby, prevents kidney disorders. It helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones and also helps in maintaining balanced fluid levels.
  10. It revitalizes and cleanses the liver and thereby helps in tackling liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, iron deficiency anaemia, anorexia, and sluggish liver. A healthy liver helps in increasing haemoglobin in the blood too.
  11. It acts as an anti-diabetic herb too. Purnarnava leaf extracts decrease glucose levels and increase insulin level in blood.
  12. The biggest and most recently discovered use of Purnarnava is its role as an anti-cancer drug. Studies reveal that Purnarnava can improve immune response and prevent the metastatic progression of B16F-10 melanoma cells. Boeravinones, compounds isolated from the roots of Purnarnava, assists in the inhibition of the drug efflux activity of the breast cancer resistance protein, a multidrug transporter responsible for cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy. It also helps in combatting cervical cancer, which has become the most common form of cancer among women in recent times.
Purnarnava can be consumed in the powder form or in the form of its extracts. When applied externally, it can be added as a paste. However, proper supervision should be exercised and professional help should be sought out immediately in case of any side effects. Although this herb, doesn’t have any side effects of its own, it may have so when taken in conjunction with other drugs. It provides a superior alternative to the conventional allopathic treatment.

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