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Benefits of Vrikshamla

Posted on: 30-04-2015        Article Readers : 300

What is USA's biggest problem?
Some might correctly say it's obesity!
Obesity is growing at an alarming rate among today's youth. It comes with serious repercussions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other recurring conditions. Given that mostly people have desk jobs nowadays, the elimination of physical exercise from their lifestyle has given rise to this worldwide prevalent problem. Research shows that obesity is most rampant in the West and it affects children equally as well. Today, more people are turning to herbal alternatives to treat any illness. For overweight people, the best herbal alternative for weight loss is Vrikshamla. Garcinia Cambogia, popularly known as Vrikshamla, is an evergreen tree whose fruit belongs to the citrus family. Its extract is widely used for weight loss. Grown in the Nilgiri mountains and Western Ghats, this herb is catching attention in the West as well. Its benefits are numerous in the area of weight loss.

According to researchers at The Department of Physiology at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC, Vrikshamla is a natural and safe supplement for controlling weight.

So what makes this herb so effective?
Studies have shown that the active constituent in this herb, hydroxycitric acid or HCA, helps control weight loss by lowering cholesterol levels and promoting a normal appetite. Other phytochemicals in this drug include xanthochymol, isoxanthochymol, garcinol, isogarcinol.

The various benefits of Vrikshamla include:
  1. Fights obesity: The most important benefit of Vrikshamla obviously is to reduce fat and manage weight. It is a natural weight loss supplement.It has HCA, which suppresses lipogenesis and makes the ATP citrate lyase ineffective by binding with it.
  2. Reduces production of cholesterol and triglycerides: This enhances the fat burning process in our body by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It stops the absorption of fat. The calories are converted to glycogen and stored in the liver.
  3. Appetite Suppressant: Vrikshamla helps maintain a healthy appetite level. It also increases the heat production levels of our body by "thermogenesis". HCA also reduces the conversion of sugars to fat in our body. This naturally reduces the cravings for sugar.
  4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic properties: Vrikshamla is widely used to treat gastrointestinal disorders and bowel syndromes. It can protect you from ulcer formations and has claims to decrease acidity.

Therefore, this native Asian plant has much benefits to offer if included in our everyday lifestyle. Given the side effects of conventional drugs, this herbal alternative sure is attractive and beneficial. Vrikshamla also increases serotonin levels in the brain. To sum up, Vrikshamla is indigenous to weight loss in a healthy way. However, one must keep patience and continue taking this herb to see effects in the long run.

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