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Natural Herbs & Supplements for High Blood Pressure

Every one in three adults in the US suffer from high blood pressure. The global numbers are equally staggering if not worse.

Blood Pressure is a direct and number one precursor to cardiac diseases. It can also lead to kidney failure, cardiac arrest and a horde of other health problems.

Experts attribute the high incidence of blood pressure problems to lifestyle habits and a high percentage of salt in the blood. It is the era of convenience food and processed food is high in sodium content.

Like diabetes or other lifestyle diseases, blood pressure patients have to be prepared to live with the condition for life or learn how to control the problem.

Doctors usually prescibe synthetic medications that ease the flow of blood in the body. But the medication has to be used continually for life. Even if the treatment is stopped for a couple of days, the problem resumes severely.

Herbal Blood Pressure Remedies

Herbal medicine for blood pressure is not as complex as the synthetic pill.

Starting from the ordinary garlic, cinnamon, oregano, onions and even olives are known to be beneficial in reducing blood pressure. But how many garlic pods can one chew in a day without throwing up?

That’s why people prefer synthetic pills. Because its easier to consume.

Thankfully, herbal medications for blood pressure have also evolved.

There are formulations available in the form of pills that contain a blend of high blood pressure herbs. Not only do they ease the flow of blood through the body, but also work to prevent the hardening of arteries and reduce the strain on cardiac muscles.

The best thing is that natural herbs for high blood pressure do not have any long term or short term side effects. One could continue to use spices and herbs for life and yet not have a problem with it.

Ayurleaf’s supplements for high blood pressure

Ayurleaf has always strived to help people cope with their health problems in a safer and more reliable way.

Our formulations contain Natural herbs for high blood pressure that allow people to regain control of their life and reduce their dependency on synthetic pills.

These herbs are safe and have a positive effect on overall health. Ashwagandha for example, is a potent adaptogen that increases the resistance of the body towards stress.

We recommend the following herbal supplements for blood pressure.

Lasuna: Our proprietary extraction technology allows us to retain the vital bioactive compounds in Garlic and standardize them for safe and long term use. Our Lasuna capsule is rich in alliin, diallyl disulfide (DADS) which helps reduce high blood pressure. It also has a wealth of benefits for the body.