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Cancelling an order allows Members to cancel or return a purchase order.

This begins from the moment the order is placed upon and is valid till the product/s is shipped out.

If a Member cancels a contract to which the cancellation provisions apply the Member is entitled to a refund of the Products end price including shipping costs they have paid.

If the goods are not defective in any way, further, shall not be responsible to provide the Member with any alternate product of equivalent value.

Cancellation can be done before the product is dispatched to the customer. Once the product is dispatched, will not accept cancellation requests unless the shipment is damaged.

Customers who are found to be in bad standing due to fraudulent activity or due to excessive refund requests and other such behavior will be deemed as a breach of the Terms & Conditions and will not be eligible for any refund.

If fails to deliver the purchased same or out of stock product within limited listed time period , then we will substitute the item with an equivalent product acceptable to both parties, or provide a refund of the Product end price only after 30 days -from the date of purchase.

In case of delay in delivery of any order shipments delayed due to any reason whatsoever, shall intimate the customers of such reasons.

In case the customer doesn’t agrees to accommodate such delay, the customer shall have the right to refuse the delivery and shall be refunded the entire amount once the product is received back at the fulfillment center of