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Herbal Extracts

It is the era of functional food and natural cures. And almost everybody looks for an added health benefit that goes beyond the normal benefits offered by a product. Be it frozen yoghurt with antioxidants, face wash enriched with Neem & Aloe Vera or multivitamins fortified with herbal extracts, people want every product to be healthy and safe. It is the trend to shun away from using a completely synthetic product these days. And due to this incessant demand, there is a sudden increase in the number of suppliers who claim to supply high quality herbal extracts. Which brings us to this very important topic.

What determines a good quality herbal extract?

Well, that may well be the most difficult question to answer. There are hundreds of minute factors that affect the quality and vitality of herbal extracts. Right from agro climatic conditions (soil, weather) to the freshness of the original herb, the season in which the herb was picked and the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, irradiation), it is extremely important to be selective while procuring the raw herbs. A high quality raw herb ensures that a manufacturer is able to procure an extract that is flavorful and retains all the vital bioactive compounds that make it beneficial in the first place.

Extraction Technologies

It is easy to manufacture a herbal extract. Almost anyone with some basic understanding of extraction techniques can do it. Why, even you can create an extract in your kitchen. But how effective will it be? That depends on how you extract it. Herbs contain vital ingredients that are extremely sensitive to factors like temperature, moisture and the use of synthetics. So, using the latest technologies like fresh freeze-drying is extremely important. Not only does it retain the complete bioactive ingredients, it also allows the manufacturer to concentrate and enhance the effectiveness of the herb at a later stage.

Ayurleaf’s Pure Herbal Extracts

With a compact network of handpicked farmlands that adhere to practices like IPM (Integrated Pest Management), Ayurleaf is able to procure organic botanical ingredients for our herbal extracts. We have an unparalled understanding of the science that makes it possible to extract high quality herbals. This combined with our extensive expertise in pharmaceuticals makes us one of the leading manufacturers of herbal formulations, Herbal Medicine Products USA and herbal extracts in the world..

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