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Herbal Medicine for Type I Diabetes

Posted on: 02-08-2015        Article Readers : 133

The diabetes is one of the very extreme diseases that happens to many human beings for very crucial reasons. The reasons why the diabetes may happen also totally depends on the very fact that the Diabetes is of a particular type.

Practically there are two very types of diabetes that can actually happen to a human being.

The various types of diabetes:
The following are the two types of diabetes that can be easily found in the people:

Type 1 Diabetes and
Type 2 Diabetes,
In this particular piece of writing the type 1 diabetes will be of greatest concern no wonder.

What is the type 1 diabetes?
Well the type 1 diabetes is also known as the very juvenile diabetes. It is because of the very fact that it is the most commonly found in the people. In this particular type of diabetes, it can be easily said that the immune system of the body seems to destroy the very beta cells in the pancreas. The beta cells in the pancreas are responsible for the production of the insulin in the body.

What is the effect?
The effect of the same is something that cannot be good. The insulin is basically responsible for carrying the glucose in the body to the cells in order to charge them up, but with the insulin gone the glucose instead starts getting stored in the blood in the form of the sugar no doubt,

This can be nothing less than dangerous. It actually comes out of the urinary tract and thus creates the changes in the body.

What are the various ways of fighting this?
The various ways of fighting the type 1 diabetes are as mentioned below:
  1. Maintaining a healthy schedule: a schedule that is very much disciplined as well as very much organized is only something that can actually fight the type 1 diabetes. A proper schedule should be thus made and one should start to follow the same immediately.
  2. Maintaining a healthy diet: this is again one of the very best decisions that one may be able to come around. A healthy diet is all the people needs in order to get the diabetes chained. By healthy diet one can means a very low sugar and carbohydrate diet and the one’s specially made by the dieticians.
  3. Maintaining intake of herbal supplements: the various herbal supplements and the medicines can be called as the most natural remedy the type 1 diabetes can have.

The medicines like that of the Ayurleaf  HerbalsAquetic  REMEDIES FOR DIABETIC -TYPE-1 & 2 can fight off the diabetes like a pro.


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