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Ayurleaf Herbal's "Advance BODY MASS" with (Cow colostrum) Herbal Supplement for WEIGHT GAIN CARE

List Price : $ 25
No Of Bottle :
Trial - Buy 60 capsules x 1 bottle, = $ 25
Buy - 60 capsules X 3 bottles, = $ 75
Buy - 60 capsules X 6 bottles, = $ 150
Buy - 60 capsules X 9 bottles, = $ 225
Buy - 60 capsules X 12 bottles, = $ 300
Benefits & Features :

  1. It is a successful weight gaining capsules.
  2. Ideal for young males who want to increase their body weight.
  3. Increases protein intake, appetite in men that nourishes their energy levels and gives the required fitness to the body.
  4. It strengthens and tones all muscle tissues including the heart and lungs.
  5. Aiding in wound care.
  6. Boosting the immune system.
  7. Beneficial in impeding the effects of ageing.

Dosage :

Advance Body Mass should be taken only after meal - two time a day with milk or water

Being one hundred percent natural, it is safe and can be used for a longer period.

Best Supplements For Weight Gain / Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain
At a time when the world is obsessed with obesity, there is a silent majority at the other end of the spectrum, the underweight people. They have tried everything on supermarket shelves and in the refrigerator, yet the weighing scale refuses to budge even a pound higher. Blessed? Not really because life isn't a bed of roses for skinny people. They have weak immune systems that are easily compromised and not to forget the fact that they are ridiculed. The options for treatment are limited. Doctors do not prescribe synthetic weight gain treatment unless the condition disturbs the health of the person. best supplements for weight gain found on the internet make dubious claims and contain a list of ingredients that are untested or unproven to deliver.

Healthy weight gain It is easy to pop a few pills that retain water in the body and makes it 'look' like weight gain. But it is a temporary effect that disappears as soon as you stop taking it. That is unhealthy. Healthy weight gain promotes lean muscle mass and minimal cholesterol levels which can be achieved with a few selected herbs. ayurvedic medicine for weight gain has been a subject of a debate for a while now. Most people are skeptical about the effectiveness of natural and botanical ingredients for reasons best known to them. But the fact is that herbs have always been used for helping people gain healthy muscle mass. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing calls this 'Vata Dosha' in which the person has an extremely fast metabolism which leads to undesirable weight loss. By tackling this problem and by stimulating the natural release of hormones in the body, these herbs allow people to gain lean muscle mass and achieve a desirable physique.

Ayurleaf's Herbal Weight Gain Formulations Unlike most other "Natural" weight gain supplements which at best contain multivitamins, our formulations are sourced from ancient Ayurvedic scriptures. Irrespective of one's age or sex, these herbs can promote healthy weight gain without causing any side effects or interfering with the functioning of other bodily systems. Our ayurvedic medicine for weight gain help the person to become more alert, active and strengthen the immune system. Ayurleaf recommends the following best supplements for weight gain for healthy and optimum weight gain.

Body Mass 1000 - Body Mass is our unique in house formulation that is designed for athletes, body builders as well as the average joe looking to gain a lean and muscular body. It has a powerful blend of herbs that helps control a hyperactive metabolism and increases the absorption of nutrients in the body. The weight gain is healthy and the person feels more active and energetic.

Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus is the most widely used natural herb for triggering the healthy release of testosterone in the body. The increased levels of testosterone leads to a direct increase in lean muscle mass and also in libido.

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