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Ayurleaf Herbals Slimonil Herbal Supplement for WEIGHT LOSS 500 mg

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No Of Bottle :
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Benefits & Features :

Slimonil not just burns excessive fat in the body but also work as a therapeutic.

Dosage :

  • 2 capaules at morning and 2 capsule at evening after meal for min-45 days course required
  • Balanced diet and a good workout.
  • Slimonil is recommended according to the metabolism rate, health, and age of the person concerned.

Effective herbs for weight loss

Weight management is of utmost importance today to lead a healthy and longer life. Unlike the old days where people had fewer options but to stay active and cook their food, today we live in a rat race world. The stress has increased. People hardly have time for themselves. So, they rely on ready to eat meals which are loaded with synthetic preservatives which cause a horde of health problems including obesity. Obesity leads to many potentially dangerous health conditions like cardiac issues, diabetes, joint pain and it also puts excessive pressure on your vital organs such as liver, kidney and pancreas. There are many weight loss options. Name it and you have it. There are crash diets, fat burners and surgical procedures. But each one of these come with their own share of side effects. Here, natural method losing weight  are rising in popularity and one of these ways is using natural effective herbs for weight loss.

Herbs for weight loss

There are many natural herbs which can be used for losing weight. These herbs are devoid of any side effects unlike its synthetic counterparts and may prove to be beneficial in many other ways apart from weight loss.

Garcinia cambogia: This natural herb is a effective appetite suppressant and aids in fat loss by increasing your metabolism and limiting the excess absorption of carbohydrates which is later turned into fat. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is the main component of this herb and works effectively to use stored body fat for energy expenditure and this in turn aids weight loss.
Green Tea: Apart from being a powerhouse of nutrients and anti oxidants it aids in extreme fat loss. Green tea contains polyphenols and catechins in excellent ratios which may help to lower your cholesterol and also burn body fat by elevating your basal metabolic rate.
Flaxseed: This is a common herb which we use in our day to day life and has a host of health benefits apart from weight loss. Flax seeds help reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and diabetes. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, lignen and fiber which reduces LDL levels considerably. It also helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels thereby suppressing your appetite and craving for unhealthy foods. It is extremely beneficial for weight loss and sugar level stabilization.
There are many other natural herbs such as ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper which all aid in fat loss. Ayurleaf's herbal supplements are a great way to control your weight using pure herbal extracts. Sourced from some of the best farmlands that rely on organic farming methods, our range of Ayurvedic formulations and pure herb extracts will help improve your metabolism, control appetite while keeping you active and energized all day. They have no withdrawal effects.    

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