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How to prepare Moringa Oleifera Tea

Posted on: 10-11-2017        Article Readers : 15

The Moringa Oleifera Tea is an exceptional energy drink option loaded with antioxidants & vitamins that assists cleansing  your mind and boost up your energy levels. The  tea is prepared by steeping a handful of dry leaves in boiling water for a some time. Dried Moringa leaf tea is a stimulating and nutritious energy booster.

Why is Moringa oleifera tea so delicious & healthy?  
Completely natural, energy packed moringa tea is a must for everyone. In fact, it is not a tea at all.  Moringa tea is actually a tisane and different than other teas, caffeine content is absent.
If you are planning to buy  Moringa tea remember whats inside the bag is very nutritious and healthy. You can reuse the Moringa inside the tea bag. After drinking your tea, open up the bag and use the content for a milkshake, salade or any other dish.
Moringa Tea – An Antioxidant-Rich Energy Booster
Moringa enhances energy levels  naturally, helps in weight management, detoxifies human body, and nourishes your  immune system.
How to make Moringa Tea 
Moringa oleifera is one of the prime sources of nutrients and vitamins that a human body needs. It is loaded with potassium, calcium,  beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and iron. Moringa can be cooked as a vegetable or included in soups, but generally  just the leaves and fruits are used.  Others prefer to drink it as tea.
Here is a  simple recipie on how to mak Moringa powder and  Moringa tea
To prepare Moringa tea you should harvest fresh leaves from your tree and dry them at room temperature. Place the leaves in a brown paper bag with some holes in it and hang the bag in a cool area of your home. In about 10-14 days your leaves should be dry enough to use. 
To make the tea, shred or pulverize the leaves. Every cup  consumed will provide you with essential nutrients. Moringa tea is well respected and thought to be an excellent defense against damaging  free radical damage to your cells.
Moringa Tea Step 1 - Get Moringa Leaves
Collect some  Moringa leaves, 3 to 4 stalks isgood enough. It is advisable to utilize the mature leaves since they dry up pretty quickly.

Moringa Tea Step 2 - Air Drying

Air dry the leaves along with the stalks for a 24 hrs or until the leaves are crisp.  Air drying will make the leaves will open them up and then you can split the stalks thereafter. But many people include the stalk while preparing the  tea because of its fiber content.

Moringa Tea Step 3 - Grinding

Grind the air-dried leaves (with the stalks if you prefer) for 10-15 seconds. You  grind the leaves using a blender.

Moringa Tea Step 4 - Storage

Put the ground Moringa in tea bags, and store in a cool, dry place., For it will have a long shelf-life make sure not to leave thepowder in open moist places

Moringa Tea Step 5 - Preparing the Tea

For  Moringa tea preparation, just add hot water, lemon and sugar that suits your taste.

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