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Increase Sperm Count with Kapikacchu

Posted on: 15-08-2017        Article Readers : 135

Being an animal there are many things that are of utmost necessity to the body. One of the very common thing is that of the sexual pleasure. The animals though mate to reproduce, the humans on the other hand makes sure that they do get to enjoy the sex.

Apart from that yes, the main motive for sex in the humans is again the very basic, that is the reproduction. Reproducing though can only happen when the sperms can actually fertilize an egg in the woman.

For this very same reason the sperm count in the men have to be quite a bit strong and normal.

What is sperm count?
The sperm count is the basic term that is used for the very measuring of the number of spermatozoa per ejaculation. The normal sperm count in men should be that of around 40-300 millions of sperms per millilitres of ejaculated liquid. If the count is less than that or rather the 10 million bar then it is very well considered to be the poor.

Why people have low sperm count?
There can be various reasons why one may suffer from the very low sperm counts altogether. The following are the various points that one may come across altogether:
  1. The  infection: this can be one reason why the sperm count can be actually very less in the men. The some kind of infections that actually block the very passages of the sperms thus leading to a very low count in the very same.
  2. The varicocele: this is a condition that may rise in many men. This problem though is the reason in the maximum cases why the sperm count is low, yet this is the most unknown reason why the sperm count may be less. This is basically a swell that in turn drains the testicles from all the sperms. This thus leads to the less sperm count.
  3. The ejaculation problems: this is again one of the very conditions that people may not have an idea about. This problem leads to the ejaculated sperms to enter the bladder rather than the penis and thus the sperm count through the penis is proved to be less.
The natural way of solving the problem: the Kapikacchu is one such natural ingredient that can actually help with the getting over with this problem for sure. The Kapikacchu if not directly available will be very easily available in the form of supplements. One such good supplement is namely the Ayurleaf  Herbals Kapikacchu(Mucunapruriens) – Aphrodisiac HERBAL SUPPLEMENT.

Ayurleaf Herbals Kapikacchu (Mucuna pruriens) - Aphrodisiac HERBAL SUPPLEMENT 500mg

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