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India - The Second Largest Herbal Products Exporter

Posted on: 14-06-2018        Article Readers : 131

For the first time ever, luminaries from across the world met in Delhi to discuss the strengthening and scientific validation of traditional systems of medicine.
The four-day event - International Arogya 2017 - is hosting 1,500 delegates from across 60 countries. Following China India is the world's second largest herbal products exporter  and both countries jointly produce more than 70 % of the overall global demand for herbal products, a whitepaper launched at the event notes

As per the latest statistics available from Pharmexcil, China is the top country leading in the world in the export of herbals with $1329.72 million followed by India with an export figure of $ 790.56 million.

“We are second only to china in the world in the exports of herbals. Of the total Rs.14000 crore pharmaceutical exports, India’s Ayush and herbals contribute approximately Rs.1400 crore. We have a huge potential to grow and in the coming days if our exports grow at 20 per cent every year we can beat China by 2020,” said Dr P V Appaji, DG, Pharmexcil.

From an export of Rs.591.43 crore in 2008-09 to Rs.701.44 crore in 2009-10 India’s Ayush exports have seen a whopping increase of Rs.110.01 crore during in a period of just one year. While in the subsequent year 2010-11 this phenomena of increase has not been maintained. The export figure for Ayush products for the year 2010-11 accounts to Rs.711.12 crore which is just an increase of Rs.9.68 crore from the previous year.

"After looking  at the previous export performance reports, the 10th five year plan had recorded an admirable growth of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (Ayush) medicines, medicinal plants and their by-products”, he said. A draft status report of the Ayush industry in the country, which describes the developments till the year 2008, has pointed out that the exports of Ayush products in five years from 2003-04 has recorded a steady growth and a decline in imports.

If one looks in terms of net value addition, the Ayush and herbal sector had shown a growth of 10.89 per cent during 13 years' period between 1995-96 and 2007-08.
 From the total Rs.711.12 crore of Ayush exports during the year 2010-11, medicants contribute Rs.176.50 crore and medicaments contribute Rs.534.62 crore.

The herbal exports too have seen a considerable increase of Rs.36.76 crore from Rs.570.76 crore in the year 2009-10 to Rs.602.57 crore in the year 2010-11.
The major herbal exports of India include Psyllium seeds Senna leaves and pads, and various other herbs and herbal products. Among all Psyllium husk (isobgul husk) contribute a major chunk of herbal exports which accounts to Rs.425.05 crore.

The major countries where Indian herbals are  exported include Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, UAE, Nepal, Ukraine, Japan, Philippines, Kenya and Mauritania. Russia is a world leader in  the list with sustantial import value of Rs.138.94 crore of Ayush and herbals from India. America (USA) stands as second largest importer accounting to Rs.103.14 crore and Kazakhstan stands 3rd with a contribution of Rs.55.24 crore towards India’ s Ayush and herbals for the year 2010-11. 


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