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Arjuna is commonly found all over India and the sub-continent and has been used as an Ayurveda plant for over thousands of years. It is a cone-shaped tree grown in various sub-Himalayan regions, found mostly along the river and marshy areas.

Arjunais used for various purposes containing many nutrients and minerals including calcium, magnesium, aluminum and flavonoids required by the body. It also has various essential oils and sugars that are beneficial for the human body.


Ayurleaf Arjuna should be taken two capsules twice a day before meals.


Like many other Ayurveda dispensers, Arjuna is said to have no nasty side effects at all. It is completely safe and can be taken by people of all age groups.

Benefits & Features

Like many other Ayurveda medical plants, Arjuna is also very effective for the human body, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are analgesic in nature. It has remarkable cardio-protective and muscle strengthening properties and helps regular blood flow in the heart. It also reduces angina better than any other medicine.

It also lowers lipids and maintains the cholesterol levels leading to a healthier life. It has an incredible hypocholestrolaemiceffect that is comparable to the vitamin E.

Arjuna extracts are also said to be very effective in controlling diabetes. It is the most amazing diabetes reducing agent and provides relief to patients. The herb's properties and elements are very effective in treating ulcers, lesions, regulating the gastric juice and pH level of gastric acid. The anti-oxidants present in the bark, play a major role in scavenging free radicals and minimizing their damage.

Arjuna's bark is also said to be very valuable for the treatment of asthma. In addition, during diarrhea and dysentery, it is very useful to recover. Patients suffering from bone problems also are benefited from its positive properties.

1. Effective against the symptoms of asthma.
2. Used for skin treatment.
3. Protect the DNA from any possible damage from toxins.
4. Used against heart disease.
5. It acts as a cardiac stimulant and thereby has a tonic and cooling effect.
6. It accelerates clotting and thereby promotes quick healing of the wound
7. Treats angina and other cardiovascular medical issues.