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Arthitex is an ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine. This remedy is mainly aimed at providing extra strength to the bones. It contains a mixture of nine different herbs that are very potent and has unique beneficial power on men who suffer from bone density and acute arthritis. They are Rasna(Alpine Galangal), Punarnava (BorhaviaDiffusa), Ajmoda (PtychotisAjowan), Methi (TrigonellaFoenumGraceum), Chopchini (Smilax Glabra), Sallaki (BoswelliaSerrata), Ashwagandha (WinthaniaSomnifera), Sunth (ZingiberOfficianlis) and Guggulu (CommiphoraWightii). It is in a capsule form.


The nine ingredients of the capsule have shown excellent results in gentlemen who are relieved of all painful joints, backache, muscular pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and sciatica. The herb is purely anti-vata, anti-kaphaand contains Vitamin C which acts as a coolant and helps to reduce body pain, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions that occur in the body. They can have a normal healthy life.


Maintain a Healthy diet: Alternative therapy helps maintain a healthy body. A five to six day detoxification is prescribed. Eating healthy foods like fruits, juices and vegetables with daily mild exercises burns up the unwanted calories in the body and there is a feeling of lightness is shown in men.

Relieves pain and restores mobility: Arthitex tablet has properties of anti-vata, anti-pitta, anti-kapha and comprises of Vitamin C that cleanses the body of all toxic waste and relieves joint pains which are characteristics of arthritis,osteoarthritis, gout and sciatica. Various oils may be applied to the skin to restore mobility and improve flexibility.

Beneficial for Rheumatoid arthritis: Arthitex is a blend of nine herbs that acts together in a synergistic manner controlling acute Rheumatoid arthritis. The herbs are very potent and have anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties that are beneficial for stiff joints, swelling and inflammation in the body.


Arthitex should be taken one or two capsules after meals everyday. One must also indulge in a healthy and active lifestyle so that the problem of Arthritis can be cured for long term.


The Arthitex pill must not be consumed on an empty stomach. Men above 14 years of age can consume Arthitex.The Arthitex pill must not be consumed on an empty stomach. Men above 14 years of age can consume Arthitex.

Benefits & Features

1. It is helpful to fight against joint pains and oedema.
2. It is best for curing swellings in the body.
3. Provides relief to the joints and muscle tissues that are stiff & painful.
4. Helps treating joint and muscular conditions.
5. Treats osteoarthritis, fibrositis, rheumatism, small joint disease and lower back pain.
6. Boosting the immune system.
7. It can be taken for Relief from Arthritis pain.