Lasuna (Ayurvedic Medicine for Heart)



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Ayurvedic Medicine for Heart and Blood Circulation

Blood Pressure Medicine / Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

Every one in three adults in the US suffer from high blood pressure. The figures are just as startling, if not more so, globally. The main and most obvious antecedent to heart disorders is blood pressure.

Blood pressure can also lead to kidney failure, cardiac arrest and a horde of other health problems. The high prevalence of blood pressure issues is attributed by experts to lifestyle choices and a high blood salt content. The era of convenience eating is here, and processed foods are laden with sodium.

Like diabetes or other lifestyle diseases, blood pressure patients have to be prepared to live with the condition for life or learn how to control the problem. Doctors usually prescribe synthetic blood pressure medicine that ease the flow of blood in the body. But the blood pressure medicine has to be used continually for life. Even if the medication is discontinued for a few days, the issue returns badly.

Herbal Blood Pressure Remedies

They are simpler than manufactured pills in terms of complexity. Starting from the ordinary garlic, cinnamon, oregano, onions and even olives are known to be beneficial in reducing blood pressure. Just how many garlic pods can one eat without being nauseous in a day? Many choose synthetic blood pressure medications because of this. Thus, it’s simpler to ingest. Luckily, blood pressure-lowering herbs have also advanced.

There are formulations available in the form of pills that contain a blend of herbs to lower blood pressure. In addition to facilitating blood flow throughout the body, they help lessen the strain on the heart’s muscles and prevent artery hardening. The best part is that there are no immediate or long-term adverse effects from using herbs to lower blood pressure. One could continue to use spices and herbs for life and yet not have a problem with it.

Ayurleaf’s supplements for high blood pressure

Ayurleaf has always strived to help people cope with their health problems in a safer and more reliable way. Our blood pressure-lowering herbal formulas give people back control over their lives and lessen their reliance on artificial blood pressure medications.

These herbs are safe and have a positive effect on overall health. Ashwagandha, for example, is a potent adaptogen that increases the resistance of the body towards stress. We recommend the following herbs to lower blood pressure. 


Our proprietary extraction technology allows us to retain the vital bioactive compounds in Garlic and standardize them for safe and long term use. Our Lasuna capsule is rich in alliin, diallyl disulfide (DADS) which helps reduce high blood pressure. It also has a wealth of benefits for the body.


Lasuna the ayurvedic medicine for heart should be taken two capsules once a day after meals.

Benefits & Features
  1. It supports normal cardiovascular function.
  2. It supports normal blood platelet function.
  3. Furthermore, it supports normal serum cholesterol levels.
  4. It supports normal blood sugar levels.
  5. It supports the body's immune system from bacterial and fungal infections.
  6. Likewise, it has various benefits that promote overall well-being. 


Page tags: Ayurvedic medicine for heart and blood circulation. Lasuna is used for preventing heart diseases, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and increasing metabolism.