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Also known as Bengal quince or stone apple, Bael is an extremely efficient herb, and is sacred in the Hindu religion. Known for its cooling properties, Bael fruit is commonly used to make a refreshing drink during the treacherous summer months. Its oil is commonly used against various types of bacteria and is prescribed for smoothening bowel and gastric movements.

Having found to be a quick reliever against the rotavirus, Bael is used in the treatment of diarrhea, of which thousands of children die every year. It also treats dysentery and has remarkable digestive and carminative properties that are good for a strong gut. Bael has anti-spasm properties, making it an analgesic that helps relieve abdominal colic in babies.


Ayurleaf Bael capsules are safe if taken in moderation, and can be taken as co-prescription with oral antibiotics. Two capsules twice a day after meals for the best benefits with a proper diet.


Bael is filled with magical medicinal properties, but too much of something can be bad, and hence overdose can create problems. Too much of Bael consumption can cause stomach upsets and constipation. In addition, it can be harmful for pregnant women, so its best avoided if you are expecting.

Benefits & Features

Bael has many benefits across the frame for the human body. It is used as a laxative or is anti-microbial or even as anti-inflammatory properties. It is an efficient manager, for wiping out intestinal infections; it is also a rich source of many minerals and nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

1. Helps in treating common digestive problems such as diarrhoea, constipation, cholera, haemorrhoids (piles).
2. Provides relief from the gastric ulcer, gastro-duodenal ulcer, Irritable bowel syndrome.
3. Helps in removing toxins from intestines.
4. Provides relief from the constipation.
5. Acts as an instant energy booster and energizes the body.
6. Enhances the metabolism process.
7. Helps in managing the blood sugar levels
8. Helps in curing a skin problem called urticaria.
9. Helps in curing skin rashes, vitiligo (white patches on the skin), redness and itching.