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Sexual problems are common in men these days. Many suffer from erectile dysfunction, others from premature ejaculation and even sexual debility. Hence, Ective X is a sure shot way to enhance sexual performance in men.

Ective X not only keeps the body fit and healthy but also strengthens the sperms for fertilization.


Ective X is totally herbal and thus is totally natural and works wonders. The ayurvedic capsules not only has a remarkable effect on the general fitness of men but also promotes fertility. It boosts the capacity and stamina. The ingredients used in Ective X include Saffron, satavar, Jaiphal, Lahua Bhasma, Vanari Beej, safed musli, ashwagandha, shilajit, lakshmana and brahmi. These herbs have a very positive effect on the immune system also resulting in protection from all kinds of diseases. Ective X also increases the healthy production of semen and maintains the prostrate till the later stages.

Ective-X is an ancient Ayurveda medication made up of three unique formulas. They are Ashwangandha (Withanisa Somneferia) 200 mg., Shilajeet (Aasfoilum Panjabinum) 175 mg. and Gokhuru (Tribulus Terrestris) 100 mg. It comes in a tonic and capsule form. This is an excellent remedyin form of a tonic for men who suffer from lack of sexual desires.

Ective-X is a natural drug used by generations of men to improve their levels of impotencythat increases their sexual stamina, infertility, frigidness and weakness. The medicine also promotes regular diet and exercise and helps men who control their diets living a stress free life.


The treatment is most beneficial and has shown excellent results in activation and enhancement in the sexual performance of adult men. Ective-X tablet taken daily improves strength and immunity, which plays a great role for men’s heath.They can enjoy a tension free sex life.


Improves Sperm Count: Thisformulation is very potent as it is made up of three important herbs. It strengthens the weakness levels of reproductive organ. It increases the sperm count and promotes fertility.

Takes care of Frigidity and Weakness: Stress and tension play an active role on the sexual performance in men which leads to frigidity and weakness. Consuming Ective-X pill is an excellent agent, which improves their health and sexual stamina.

Remedy for men suffering from Impotence: Ective-X tablet taken in proper dosage daily has shown positive results. It strengthens the penile tissue and erection which removes the impotence and infertility in men. The men can enjoy a good sex life.


No side effects are reported and no preservatives are used in making this capsule. However, the remedy is only for males above 14 years of age. Regular diet and exercise have to be maintained.


Medical practitioners advice two tablets daily of Ective X for a tension-free and healthy body and satisfying sexual performance.


Even though all the herbs used in Ective X are totally herbal and natural, sexual enhancers like Ective X should not be taken without consultations from doctor. In the long run, they do not have any known side effects so far.

Benefits & Features

1. Promotes fertility.
2. Boosting the immune system.
3. Assists in enhancing low libido as well as improving energy and stamina.
4. It helps treating troubled sex lives caused by low libido.
5. Restores low testosterone levels, therefore restoring regular sex life.
6. Beneficial in impeding the effects of ageing.
7. Increase sexual power in mens
8. Prevent premature ejaculation.
9. Help delay ejaculation in mens.