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Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles / Natural Remedies For Hemorrhoids

The word Piles evokes mixed reactions from people. Sufferers wince thinking about the distressing experience. Others find it embarrassing whilst some others find it funny. But the fact is that there is nothing even remotely funny about the condition and it happens to be one of the most painful and agonizing conditions ever experienced. They are called Hemorrhoids in some countries and are swollen blood vessels around the anus that can form lumps externally or internally eventually becoming painful and itchy. In most cases, it is elderly people and pregnant women who mostly experience piles. But it can occur at any age due to the lack of dietary fiber, lifestyle habits and even by exerting too much pressure to pass stools. Synthetic treatments include topical ointments, anti-inflammatory medicines and a surgical procedure for second and third degree hemorrhoids.

Piles care with herbs Treatments with synthetics provide short term and temporary relief while the underlying condition remains unaffected. ayurvedic treatment for piles on the other hand is a more concrete and long term solution that helps reduce itching, inflammation, bleeding and constipation associated with chronic piles. While one can rely on individual herbs also for their healing and anti inflammatory properties, there are unique formulations that contain a blend of multiple herbs which are recommended for second and third degree hemorrhoids. These herbs help reduce inflammation and also accelerate wound healing. At the same time, they contain mild laxative properties that helps soften tough stools. There are natural hemorrhoid treatment which help to control and reduce constipation that can occur due to lack of fiber in the diet. natural remedies for hemorrhoids is a safer option for pregnant women also. Most of the herbs that are recommended for the natural hemorrhoid treatment are mild and gentle on the system and does not cause toxic side effects.

Our Recommendation Ayurleaf’s ayurvedic treatment for piles are ideal for anyone looking to achieve long term relief from their hemorrhoids. They are completely safe and contain a unique blend of herbs which have been handpicked for their therapeutic effects on the body. We recommend the following natural remedies for hemorrhoids formulations for long term relief from hemorrhoids.

Hedonzal (Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment): Hedonzal is our in-house formulation specially formulated for providing long term relief from hemorrhoids. It contains a blend of ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and purgative properties. It reduces the pain and itchiness and promotes wound healing.


Hedonzal should be consumed one or two capsules daily after meals

Benefits & Features

1. Relieves pain.
2. Removes itching.
3. Arrests bleeding.
4. Shrinks piles.
5. Beneficial in both types of piles.
6. It prevents from the occurrence of digestive disorders like constipation, piles and etc.