Restlaam Stress Management

Every day stress does not need any chronic medication. Unhealthy modern living style is the consequence of stress. Restlaam Stress Management recommended by Ayurveda is a completely natural proprietary unique formula that gives healthy and normal functioning brain cells and relief from stress, mood swing, frustration, sleeplessness and tension. It aids in exhibit the anti oxidative system and support's the body to oxidative stress. It also regulate normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol within the body's cell and promote adrenal gland functioning.With six important natural herbs with unique medicinal properties it brings positive results.

The herbs used are Brahmi (HydrocotyleAsiatika) 120 mg, Jatamansi (NardostachysJatamansi) 120 mg,Shankhpushpi ( EvolvulusAlsinoides) 120 mg, Punarnava (BoerhaviaDiffusa) 50 mg, Sarpagandha (RauwolfiaSperpentia) 10 mg, Kapoor ( CamphoraOfficinarum) 20 mg.


Its positive effects on the body:

1) With this remedy all physical and mental vitality return to the person.

2) It can handle nerve debility and reduce stress.

3) It tackles mental fatigue and improves concentration.

4) The body is no longer lazy and there is no depression due to supports of healthy and normal functioning of adrenal gland cells.

5) supports normal blood sugar levels and relives women from anxiety, irritation, frustration, sleeplessness night and stress related diseases like premature aging, hypertension

6) This remedy can also cure insomnia and psychosomatic disorders.

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