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Tagara or Valerian Use as Herbal Sleeping Pills

Posted on: 11-03-2017        Article Readers : 83

Sleep is a very essential aspect of our life and a sound sleep is very essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Disturbed sleep or Insomnia is a dreaded situation which can wreck havoc with our bodily functions. An incomplete sleeping pattern can contribute to a lot of issues such as hypertension, spiked sugar levels, nervous disorders and many adverse side effects. There are many types of insomnia and let us identify the most common types of insomnia

Types of Insomnia and their remedies

Insomnia can be classified into three major categories and these conditions can be short lived or long term depending upon the exact cause. Acute Insomnia is the most common type of insomnia which is short term and caused due to various factors such as stress due to personal or professional lives, a downfall situation or a feeling of loss which have de-motivated you or side effects to some medications. Chronic insomnia is another type of insomnia which is also known as long term insomnia. This condition occurs due to many reasons such a health issues such as arthritis, depression, asthma, certain diseases like cancer, heartburn or can also be related to alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms. There are many ways of treating acute insomnia which may not require any medication and improving your sleeping habits can sometimes get it cured or with a mild medication the condition may improve quickly. Whereas, in case of chronic insomnia the actual cause of the condition is diagnosed and treated. It can also be treated by inducing some synthetic sleeping sedative drugs which can also cause adverse health conditions if used for a prolonged period.

Herbal Remedies for insomnia

Ayurveda is the safest and most preferred form of treating this condition of insomnia and has a potential herb which can provide the same effect as any powerful synthetic drug but minus the side effects. Tagara or valerian is a potentially powerful aromatic ayurvedic herb which has good sleep inducing properties and has been used since the ancient ages. This herb found in the foothills of the Himalayas contains six methyapigenin which does the role of benzodiazephine binding ligand and relaxes the nerves and sedates to induce good sleep. This is a completely safe prescription rather than it synthetic counterparts and also helps in reducing stress and anxiety which are the main causes of insomnia. Ayurleaf has the purest form of tagara herb which is formulated into capsules for convenient dosage options. For a side effect free treatment of insomnia, get the ayurleaf tagara today.

Ayurleaf Herbals TAGARA an Nervine & Sleep Disorders HERBAL SUPPLEMENT 500mg

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