Trikatu (Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity)



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Ayurvedic Medicine for Acidity And Gastric

Just a humble mixture of three variedly available Indian spices, Trikatu is an amazing stimulative good for liver, spleen and pancreas. Used widely for curing gastro-intestinal problems like belching, bloating, indigestion and loss of appetite, Trikatu enhances metabolism. The herb-concoction is also good for the respiratory system.

Trikatu the ayurvedic medicine for acidity, a mixture of ginger (zingiber officinalis), long pepper fruit (piper longum), and black pepper (piper nigrum), falls under the categories of both medicinal and nutritional plants. Trikatu helps the stomach to produce enzymes that help in digestion and absorption.


Trikatu helps the stomach to produce enzymes that help in digestion and absorption. Your secret to great health is ayurleaf trikatu pills.  Additionally, the consumer can be confident in the quality of the ingredients because Ayurleaf believes in employing only real and absolutely safe products. Our herbs are clinically safe, well processed, and organic.


Once a day, immediately following meals, take two of the Ayurleaf trikatu capsules. However, even though it is full of benefits, due to its hot potency, Trikatu can also worsen gastritis, hence should not be taken in very high dosage.

Benefits & Features

Being thermogenic, Trikatu assists in reducing mucus and increasing the bio-availability of nutrients, hence supporting the overall gastric function. Being a unique herbal combination, trikatu can also be used with other herbs to enhance longevity and wellness in human beings.

Trikatu also enhances the bio-availability of active constituents of the co-herbs, actively targeting the diseases. Many Ayurvedic medications, including Kanchnar Guggul, Navayasa Lahua, and Cofavin syrup, contain it as a co-ingredient.

  1. It stimulates the respiratory and digestive systems and is a potent stimulant.
  2. It treats congestion, cold and revives the organic functions that are weak.
  3. It rejuvenates the lungs, especially for people with kapha constitutions.
  4. Trikatu contains aphrodisiac qualities that improve the way the reproductive organs work.
  5. It energizes the reproductive organs.
  6. It increases the sperm count in men.
  7. Likewise, it is digestive and anti-mucus powder that improves respiratory & gastric function.

2 caps + 2 caps (4 cap each day) DAY & NIGHT after food. Or as directed by physician.

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