Vasaka (Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and Throat Infection)



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Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and Throat Infection

Also known as Malabar nut tree, Vasaka is known the world over for its Ayurvedic properties. Used extensively for the treatment of respiratory diseases like Bronchitis, Vasaka gives unfailing relief, liquefying the sputum even in severe cases Vasaka has broncho-dilatory and mucolytic characteristics that support the bronchial functions, normalizing lung functions. It also has therapeutic and curative effects.

Vasaka is a tiny, evergreen bush that is primarily known for its oil, which also has healing properties for skin conditions. Leaves of vasaka contain an alkaloid called vasicine. Animals typically avoid consuming vasaka leaves because of their harsh taste, and hence animals generally do not eat them. The herb usually grows in subtropical regions.


Ayurleaf vasaka is a renowned product endorsed by doctors the world over. Ayurleaf products are researched scientifically and are standardized to guarantee bioequivalence. Ayurleaf assures both quality and performance with its products. Ayurleaf Vasaka should be taken two capsules twice a day after meals regularly.


The classic Vasaka herb is completely and absolutely harmless and its consumption does not cause any known adverse reactions.

Benefits & Features

1) Vasaka is very effective in dry cough, whooping cough, smoker's cough and phthisical cough.

2) It works as an excellent expectorant and liquefies even tough secretions.

3) The herb helps to ease breathing and is able to inhibit further sputum generation.

4) Being pungent and astringent in taste, Vasaka is cold in action and hence keeps the body in cool form.

5) When pitta is irritated through the mouth, nose, genitals, nose, or urinary systems, it is also utilized to stop bleeding.

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