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Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough and Cold

The common basil, or Tulasi, is one of the most essential ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough, in addition to serving as a significant Hindu symbol. For the majority of Indian homes, it is a standard herbal medication that treats everything from a cough to a cold to even more serious disorders.

Along with being a nerve tonic, tulasi the ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough is renowned for its therapeutic properties. Tulasi is thought to be good for developing kids since it improves memory. It not only encourages lightness and purity in the body, but also functions as a potent antibacterial and antibiotic.

The herb is predominantly used for reducing Kapha, but can also be used to pacify Vata and Pitta. However, for those who are overheated, the herb can have a mildly Pitta-aggravating effect.

The plant can, however, have a somewhat Pitta-aggravating impact on people who are already hot. The herb known as tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is distinct from the basil used in pesto (Ocimum basilicum).In India, Tulasi, also known as “Holy Basil,” has long been respected.

It has been utilized by numerous civilizations all over the world as a healing balm for the body, mind, and soul to confer an astonishing amount of health advantages. There are generally three types of Tulasi: Rama Tulasi, Krishna Tulasi, and Vana Tulasi.

Every variety of Tulasi has unique traits that set them apart. Tulasi has a strong flavour and is bitter, light, dry, and warm. Vata and Kapha are both balanced, although Pitta is somewhat boosted. The respiratory system’s pranavaha srotas (tulisi) benefits are specific.

In addition, many common disorders can be treated with holy basil as a natural cure. Its warming properties aid in liquefying mucus, which is good for the cough, the respiratory system, and the body’s immune system.

Without the use of hazardous and poisonous chemicals, it develops and is processed in the most natural and environmentally friendly manner. Numerous studies have suggested that Tulasi offers a plentiful source of antioxidants and other minerals. It lowers stress, controls cholesterol, guards against radiation, lowers the feverish temperature, reduces inflammation, prevents gastric ulcers, and increases physical stamina.

Benefits of Tulasi:

1) Fever and the common cold: Malaria and dengue fever can be specifically treated using an extract of Tulasi leaves. It effectively brings down the temperature.

2) Cardiovascular problems: Tulasi is effective in treating heart problems.

It reduces the level of blood cholesterol.

3) Skin Disorders: Ringworm, leucoderma, and other skin conditions can be successfully treated with Tulasi juice.

4) Kidney Stone: The renal stone is strengthened by Tulasi leaf extract.

Uses of Tulasi: 

1) It is rich in antioxidant. It has several routines:

2) Relieves stress

3) Enhances stamina

4) Promotes healthy metabolism

5) A natural immuno-modulator

Side effects of Tulasi: 

It is most herbal and holistic herb, No side effect has been reported.


For best results, take two capsules of Ayurleaf Tulasi twice daily, one hour before meals.


Tulasi is excellent for hair, however, people with dandruff should avoid taking it.

Benefits & Features

Tulasi is a guaranteed treatment for a variety of fevers.

Tulasi does wonders to keep dengue and malaria under control throughout the rainy season.

It works wonders to lower children's high temperatures.

Tulasi is a common ingredient in most cough syrups nowadays, which helps mucus get to the bronchial tract. The leaves can also be consumed for immediate relief from a sore throat. Asthma, the flu, and the common cold are among the respiratory conditions that it is used to treat.

Tulasi also has a healing effect on kidneys affected by renal stones. It has been demonstrated that kidneys can prevent heart problems and significantly lower blood cholesterol.

Tulasi is also renowned for purifying blood and relieving stress. Tulasi is also very beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

To promote gleaming and healthy gums and teeth, many kinds of toothpaste and powders include the plant in their formulations. It is very helpful for massaging the gums, preventing bad breath, and maintaining dental health.

  1. It liquefies phlegm to alleviate it and provide relief where it is thick.
  2. It offers general respiratory function assistance.
  3. It promotes upper respiratory health.
  4. It supports the immune system.

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