Arjuna (Ayurvedic Medicine for High Blood Pressure)



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Ayurvedic Medicine for High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Arjuna, which is widely distributed throughout India and the subcontinent, has been utilized as an ayurvedic medicine for high blood pressure for a very long time. It is a cone-shaped tree that is primarily found near rivers and marshy places and is cultivated in different sub-Himalayan locales.

Arjuna, an ayurvedic medicine, is used for a variety of things including high blood pressure and contains several nutrients and minerals the body needs, like calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and flavonoids. Additionally, it has a variety of carbohydrates and essential oils that are good for the human body.


Two capsules of Ayurleaf Arjuna should be taken twice daily, an hour before meals, to reduce high BP.


Arjuna is reported to have no negative side effects at all, just like many other Ayurveda providers. People of all ages can take it because it is 100 percent safe

Benefits & Features

Arjuna, like many other Ayurvedic medicinal plants, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic characteristics that make it particularly helpful for the human body. It supports regular blood flow in the heart and has exceptional cardioprotective and muscle-strengthening effects. Furthermore, it alleviates angina better than any other medication. It also maintains cholesterol levels while lowering fats, resulting in a longer lifespan.

Comparable to vitamin E, it has a remarkable hypercholesterolemia impact. Extracts from arjuna are also thought to be highly effective in managing diabetes. It offers patients relief and is the most fantastic diabetic lowering agent.

The characteristics and components of the herb are particularly efficient in curing ulcers, lesions, and controlling gastric juice and stomach acid pH. The anti-oxidants in bark are essential for scavenging free radicals and reducing their harm. The bark of Arjuna is also thought to be quite beneficial for the treatment of asthma.  Additionally, it is crucial to recuperate when suffering from diarrhoea and dysentery. Patients with bone issues can also benefit from its advantageous traits. 

  1. Effective against asthmatic symptoms.
  2. used to treat skin.
  3. Guard against poisons that might harm the DNA.
  4. Helps prevent heart problems.
  5. It has a tonic and cooling effect by stimulating the heart.
  6. It helps fast wound healing by accelerating coagulation.
  7. Manages conditions related to the heart, including angina.

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