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Gudmar – Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar


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Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar

Gudmar the Ayurvedic medicine for sugar’s popular name is Ram’s horn. Meshashringi has sweet leaves that help to treat diabetes in the long run. It lessens a person’s desire for sugar and is known as a “sugar destroyer”. It contains gymnemic acid, which aids in preventing diabetes in humans. Meshashringi has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being good for the liver and digestion. It aids in numerous weight-loss regimens in addition to raising the body’s metabolic activity.

In India’s arid woodlands, a huge and woody bush climber known as meshashringi typically develops. It is mostly found on the Deccan peninsula, though it is also grown in other places as a medical plant.

The Ayurvedic medicine for sugar has qualities that can treat heart failure and alleviate cold and dyspnoea in addition to other conditions. Meshashringi was also utilized as a successful treatment for typhoid illness in ancient times.


Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control

1) Meshashringi contains gynemic acid, which lowers high blood sugar levels and keeps the body healthy and free of many other maladies. Additionally, it is insulinotropic and has regenerating effects on pancreatic beta cells. Moreover, it helps balance out too much blood sugar in the body and momentarily decreases the taste receptors’ need for sweets.

2) Meshashringi works as a great Glucose modulator and hence it is the best herbal diabetes inhibitor 

3) Helps immensely in reducing weight and other obesity-related problems 

4) Helps curb anti-inflammatory conditions 

5) This herb also restores appetite and digestion 

6) It also lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and fights against anemia 


Ayurleaf Meshashringi should be taken 2 capsules twice a day before meals as prescribed.


Mehashringi benefits in the treatment of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and improves liver function, so it is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for sugar treatment. Therefore, even after prolonged use, no serious negative effects have been observed to date.


Utilize our Gurmar 500 mg capsules on a regular basis to assist in lowering your blood sugar levels and enhancing the efficiency of your body’s systems.

  1. It reduces blood sugar levels.
  2. Address issues with digestion, anemia, obesity, excessive cholesterol, and diabetes.
  3. Reduces the Ayarleat Gudmar’s desire to consume by stifling the taste of sweet foods.
  4.  It supports healthy blood lipid levels, regulates weight, reduces sugar cravings, and manages appetite.
  5. It helps with dyspepsia, constipation, and hepatosplenomegaly.
  6. Furthermore, it relieves amenorrhea, cardiopathy, halminthiasis, and jaundice.

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