Simonil Womens (Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine)



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Ayurvedic Weight Loss Medicine for Women

‘Slimonil’ an herbal formula regulates improper lipid metabolism and helps body in discarding fat accumulation. It helps to suppress appetite, eliminates craving for sweets, stay lean and healthy. It successfully normalises the body’s processes for producing and using energy. Herbal food contains seven exclusive herbs that promote weight loss by burning away the fat. It has herbal supplements that are secure and efficient and have particular medical benefits.By burning the body fat that has been stored, it has assisted many people in maintaining their weight.
It is incredibly safe to take for an extended period of time.

The herbal constituents are: 

Medohar Guggulu 250 mg, Vidang (EmbeliaRibes) 50 mg, Vijaysar (Pterocarpus Marsupium Stick) 50 mg, Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) 50 mg, Rudrajapa (Aristolochia Longa) 25 mg, Pippali Mula (root of piper longum) 25 mg. This unique treatment is designed to decrease obesity and strongly encourage weight loss.


In accordance with the doctor's advice, in addition to a normal diet and exercise.
Depending on the person's age, the diet can be followed with the appropriate weight according to the dosha chart.

If you are pregnant then ask your doctor how you should take this medicine. Sensitive people should report side effects. Children should not be allowed to take it. The patients who have cardiac problems, diabetes or blood pressure should explain to the doctor these conditions.

Benefits & Features

1. Reduces fat in body & Obesity
2. Reduces Obesity
3.Optimal weight management.
4.Natural Fat Burner
5. Used to treat indigestion, stomach colic, and other digestive disorders.

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